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Written by Bernardo Ramos Duran   
Monday, 09 February 2009 23:01

Hungry ChildIt was supposed to be a quick war and a cheap one. Five years later, 160,000 U.S. troops are still in Iraq. And the costs keep piling up - $12 billion every month.

The United States has poured more than $500 billion into Iraq, mostly for military operations. Because the money for the war is being borrowed, interest payments could add another $615 billion. A heavily depleted military will have to be rebuilt (Why?) at a cost of $280 billion. Disability benefits and health care for Iraq war veterans, many of them severely injured, could add another half-trillion dollars over their lifetime.

Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz and Harvard University public finance Professor Laura Bilmes, both of whom served in the Clinton administration, have included those calculations in a new study of the war's long-term costs. Their estimate of the war's price tag: $3 trillion.

World Vision's aid to a third world child is $36/month, and at more than $500 billion we could've fed more than 1.2 billion children not just for a month, but for an entire year. When this war is said and done a $3 trillion price tag could've fed 7.14 billion people for an entire year. The current world population is 6.7 billion. No hungry child, elder, or mother for an entire year. No more pictures of hungry, helpless children crying with no options and not know how. No more empty eyes fixed on the ground, and the short but gradual degradation of nothing to no life at all.

But instead a war was fought, and for what? Nuclear weapons, Saddam Hussein, and Oil.

The dependency of United States on foreign oil is the biggest threat to this planet. From Afghanistan to Iraq, threats to Iran, Korea and Venezuela; the Georgia conflict for oil-gas, the deals to put rockets in Poland and radars in the Czech Republic, the 5 prisoners dead in Guantanamo Bay despite the Cubans being against USA occupancy of that piece of territory for over 50 years.

United States Of America, the only country in the history of human kind to have ever used weapons of mass destruction (Atomic Bomb) on another country, not once but twice. An army with more naval bases around the globe then the rest of the world combined. A naval fleet with multiple carriers of 100 or more attach jet fighters, built for “defending” themselves? Nah, more like attaching, like the involvement on Viet Nam, Korea, Granada, Somalia.

Malnutrition – a key role in the deaths of about 16,000 young children every day, virtually all of them in the developing world. That is a yearly toll of almost 6 million, about the same as the population of Denmark, Jordan, or Laos. By weakening resistance to infection and disease, malnutrition contributes to more than half the deaths of children under 5 worldwide.

So tell me giant, you're facing a crisis? Well, you get no sympathy here.. and knowing it gets worse somehow makes feel better.

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